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FORM No. 462R 20062008 Washington Legal Blank Portland, OR www.wlbforms.com EO OWNERS SALE AGREEMENT AND EARNEST MONEY RECEIPT (Suitable for New Construction; Not Suitable for Distressed Home Transactions)
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REPAYMENT: in the form of cash or real estate, as specified by Purchaser: 10 C. OTHER TERMS: the purchaser waives, for a period not to exceed 60 days from the date of the offer (the date), all rights by way of action or claim for any reason related to this transaction. The purchaser may be required to provide a security deposit for any purchase. 11 D. DEFINITIONS: terms, for the purpose of the definition of the offer, as used herein shall include but not be limited to: 12 (a) the terms: 13 (b) the terms in conjunction with one another in the definition of offer as defined by 11 CFR §110.14 (a) and (b) and Appendix D (b) and (c) of this order, 14 and 15 (c) whether one or more of the terms has been satisfied in accordance with the terms set forth herein; 16 (d) the amount of any cash, consideration, deposit, security deposit, or any other property or thing of value in the possession, custody, or control of a buyer or party in interest or any person or entity receiving notice of the offer to purchase the properties subject to the offer; 17 (e) any person who receives notice of the offer (the “receiving” party); and 18 (f) to the extent specified, all information in connection with any transaction of the kind described in paragraphs (a), (b), and (c) and any notice concerning the transaction, including a copy of any or all contracts, notices, forms, or other documents. 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 12 FAM 572 Appendix D “General Exclusivity Provision” Rule of Severability 23(a) In the event a party has failed to establish the jurisdiction of any court of competent jurisdiction over claims arising from this order (the “Claims”), the Claims are hereby dismissed and the Court will enter all appropriate orders.
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Hi Toby Barnett with Keller Williams North Sound and the Barnett associates team to talk to you today about the residential purchases' sale agreement now in the two previous videos I got ahead of myself when talking about the second septic addendum and the feasibility addendum, so today I wanted to take it back to the beginning and discuss the residential purchases' sale agreement now here in Washington State it's commonplace for people to either hire a real estate broker or hire a real estate attorney to draft a contract for the transfer of real property now in my case I used Northwest MLS approved forms to draft contracts for either sellers and buyers for the transfer of that real property so what is the residential purchase and sale agreement you know I get a lot of questions about offers bids what does this all mean can anybody write a contract and then the simple question is yes anybody can write a contract the other part of that is not everybody has access to the Northwest MLS forms, so please don't ask me in the comments below if I can email to you because I won't do that so you either you could hire me, and I'll be more willing to help you but so do with the statewide forms what we are allowed to do as real estate brokers is draft contract terms that are agreeable between a buyer and a seller for that transfer real property so what is in the purchase and sale you know agreement so first and foremost it's a purchase contract and then that purchase contract it details all the terms that you a buyer and the seller are green to for that transfer now these details if you've never purchased or sold property before you may not be familiar with it and our forms always change you know as new things and our industry evolves so what are some of the things that you could find in the red versus a sale agreement well contract date buyer seller names legal names how the buyers plan to take title also earnest money purchase price title escrow companies also if FERC does require its tax withholding which I won't get into right now but get into that later but also agency disclosure which Asian either the selling agent or the listing agent who do they represent and also does that agent represent both parties which we call dual agency and also details you know your closing date in possession as well as any addenda that are attached to this purchase and sale a contract an example would be the septic and the feasibility addendum that I discussed in previous videos, but other addenda can include your financing home inspection promissory notes and a whole other title addendums well short sale addendum and any other specifics that may pertain to that individual property note, and it's also important to note not every contract's going to be the exact same if you purchased a house before you and you're looking to purchase a piece of land your contracts going to look a lot different from it did before so the residential end for this sake we're just focusing on the...


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